WHY we recommend training 

  • Helps YOU manage the dog no matter what situation you encounter
  • Helps  YOUR PET manage his/her behavior no matter what the situation.
  • Helps YOUR PET to feel safe, secure,  confident and relaxed with you in charge . 
  • Strengthens the bond between  YOU and  your NEW 4-legged furry companion.  
  • Helps YOU understand the message  (body language) YOUR PET is sending. 
  • AND ..... Helps YOUR PET understand the  expectations of your commands
DREAM4pets.org  - Resources
Dedicated  Rescue  Efforts  for  Animals  in  Many counties
Health Tips - Short VIDEO:   Web MD  Healthy Cats and Dogs
Questions ?   Please contact us at petsRRpassion@gmail.com
  DREAM can help when you SPAY or NEUTER your PET  !

  • At your LOCAL Veterinarian....
    DREAM will assist with some of the cost for your pet's spay /neuter surgery at your local veterinarian. 
    We  send your veterinarian  $30. for your CAT
    OR $60. for your DOG for the SPAY or NEUTER surgery.  Use DREAM's Spay/Neuter application DOG or Spay/Neuter application CAT   YOUR Application must be sent to DREAM 10 days in advance of surgery date.

  • HERE are some LOW COST Spay/Neuter and VET CARE .....
  His Hands Extended Animal Sanctuary, Urbana, OH   663 - 0015
  Shelby County Animal Shelter (Sidney) brings in a mobile clinic every quarter, call 498-7201
         Logan County (Bellefontaine) brings in a mobile clinic every quarter ,
         CDC = Columbus Dog Connection is the mobile clinic that travels to Logan and Shelby
        Animal Care Alliance  (Richmond, Indiana)  LOW Cost Spay/Neuters/Vaccines  765 - 488 - 1342
  PETs in Stitches, LLC (dogs and cats)  Miamisburg, OH 
        SiCSA (dogs and cats) Kettering, OH
                 The application for spay and neuter (program is for dogs and cats and is for any county),
                  income guidelines and prices are listed on the web - sicsa.org/spayneuter-center   
                   Contact is Zandra Gibson,  Spay/Neuter Coordinator   937-294-6505 x 16
        Greater Dayton Humane Society,  Dayton/Kettering, OH
  RASCAL unit  LOW COST Spay/Neuter unit, by reservation only

Did you know .......  Tractor Supply and PETCO now offer some discounted vetting
                              services as well on a routine basis; call them for dates and time

  • LOW COST FELINE Spay & Neuter programs:
NOMAD at Miami County Animal Shelter  332 - 6919    or   Miami County Humane Society 335 - 9955
PAL (Pet Advocacy League)   palfix@woh.rr.com

  • TNR (TRAP - NEUTER - RETURN) organizations:
CatAdvocatesofTroy    Email:  CatAdvocatesofTroy@yahoo.com
     Purrs in Piqua               Email:  PurrsinPiqua@yahoo.com  http://purrsinpiqua.com/
           Calico                          Email:  Calico@Calico-TNR.org    http://www.calico-tnr.org/

  • Special (medical) HARDSHIP case for your dog or cat?  
              Send us a HARDSHIP APPLICATION for review, and include a cost estimate from yr vet.
           OR.. start a "GoFundMe" page  https://www.gofundme.com/
     OR.. here's a short list of resources that might provide some financial assistance
           OR.. CareCredit ... a payment plan for medical care  https://www.carecredit.com/vetmed/
Choosing NOT to spay/neuter ?
Unplanned and unwanted litters EXPAND the pet population consequently shelters become over crowded - already the case in OHIO - adoptable pets are euthanized.  And.....there is a greater risk of fatal illness or disease (cancer) with your pet
Top 10 reasons to Spay or Neuter your pet
We are an approved 501c3 organization

  • "LOVE has no Age Limit; Welcoming a Dog into your family"
             by Patricia McConnell, PhD, and Karen London PhD.
  • "On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals" by Turid Rugaas
  • Transition Tips for a NEW Dog or Puppy in the Home
  (Compliments of ColumbusDogConnection)   http://www.columbusdogconnection.com/Behavior.htm
Scroll to the bottom of their link to see and read all valuable information

A NEW PET joining your family requires TIME to learn your routine, your schedule, your expectations, your communication.... it is like YOU moving to a foreign country and not knowing the custom or language BUT YOU are expected to follow the routine.  Patience is required to help your new furry companion learn and adjust to his/her new environment and family.  Some dogs adjust quickly and some take at least 4 weeks... just like people: some are shy and apprehensive and some are out-going and ready to join the party. Please take time to assess your dog's personality and help him/her become acclimated to all family members slowly.
Trainers we recommend..........
IF you have a new dog in the family .......