There are MANY VOLUNTEERS that support the on-going efforts of DREAM,  Without our volunteers, DREAM could not continue.   VOLUNTEERS assist with many tasks: fostering, training, transporting,  promoting, fundraising, and more !   If YOU are interested in joining DREAM's volunteer base, please email  
OR send us your information using this volunteer form.   -   Volunteers
Dedicated  Rescue  Efforts  for  Animals  in  Many counties
    We are an approved 501c3 organization
If you would like to volunteer...  
there are MANY WAYS, please visit  our HOW2Help page or
send the volunteer form to 
“Volunteers do not
necessarily have the time;
they just have the heart”. Elizabeth Andrew
If you would like to see a volunteer spotlighted, let  us know  ;-)
This is the FIRST year for our Volunteers Recognition; we are way past due for recognizing the numerous folks that have supported DREAM for the past 5 years and hope to touch base with many of you soon.  To read about some of our volunteers recognized in the past few months,
click on the link for:  
Steve Shaurer , Sammi Marcum,
Vicki and Chuck Siefke , Shon Mobelin,  Greta Clingman