DREAM4pets.org  -  Events
Dedicated  Rescue  Efforts  for  Animals  in  Many counties
  THANK YOU EVERYONE for your very generous
   support and shoe donations.YOU helped us
     achieve 105% of our goal !!     

Jun, July, Aug       Northmont CommunityMarket  - ENGLEWOOD (Sunday's 11 - 3pm)
                                 DREAM will be there: JUN 11 & 25, JULY 9 & 23, AUG 6 & 20
July and Aug         West Milton Farmer's Markt
                                 DREAM will be there:   JUL 8th and 22,  AUG 5 and 19
July 21 & 22         Miami Valley Music Festival,  booth only, Troy
Aug 12 & 13           Englewood Arts Festival - Englewood
Aug 19 & 20          Fulton Farm Sweet Corn festival, Troy
Sept 23 & 24        Mum Festival - Tipp City
Oct  19                 Quarter Auction  - Covington

  Want to VOLUNTEER at an EVENT ....let us know...email PetsRRpassion@gmail.com
We are an approved 501c3 organization
    Low Cost Spay, Neuter and Vaccine clinics
      Click here to see list of Low Cost options
Remember, if you choose a local veterinarian to spay or neuter
your canine or feline..... we are able to help with up to $60. subsidy for your dog,
and  up to $30. subsidy for your cat.  Visit our RESOURCE page to learn more about
                                       the required application and process.
   Contact us at PetsRRpassion@gmail.com
"LIKE" us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/Dream4pets),
EVENTS where YOU will find DREAM...
DREAM has no facility; so, you will typically
find us  "out and about" in the community
showcasing our pooches, raising funds, and sharing information about the opportunities related 
to rescue, rehabilitating and rehoming. 
We operate 100% from volunteer
& community support
Did YOU KNOW ??  Most veterinarians will recommend not spaying or neutering before 6 months of age.  It is always best to check with your vet before you schedule surgery for your pet.  Spaying and Neutering your pet can add YEARS of HEALTHY life by reducing the risk of cancer which is prevelant in many breeds.
Unplanned litters quickly end up in county shelters
when they are  abandoned  or  unwanted ;
many OHIO shelters
and rescue groups are already overcrowded.  
Please be a responsible pet owner:
Vaccinate, Spay and Neuter...................
it helps your pet stay HEALTHY.