DREAM has no facility; it is an ALL VOLUNTEER network with efforts focused on Rescue, Rehabilitation, and REhoming companion dogs that are neglected, abandoned and living in county shelters. 

Our RESCUE EFFORTS include fostering, transporting, sponsoring, volunteering, fundraising, posting on Facebook, Meet/Greets, and many other activities to help furry companions in our community who need a safe and new environment.  We also "partner" with other pet relatedresources and rescue groups to help place and rehome RESCUED PETS.

Our goals: offer resources to REDUCE the overpopulation of cats and dogs - thus reducing euthanizing.  PROVIDE  educational resources to assist with "responsible pet ownership", and RAISE FUNDS to help with necessary vetting for the pets we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome.
Dedicated  Rescue  Efforts  for  Animals  in  Many counties
   Suggestions  & Opportunities  

  • Visit the REHOMING page of our website for suggestions and help with Re-homing a pet
  • Visit the EVENT page to learn more about our Meet & Greet dates, fundraising and ...  
         Can't volunteer, but still WANT TO HELP,  visit our HOW2HELP page
We are an approved 501c3 organization
OUR vision is simple .........An animal sanctuary  in Miami
  county, a place supported by community volunteers and donations
that provides long term quality care, exercise, socializationtraining (rehabilitation and rehoming) for RESCUED PETS
  and better opportunities to find the right companionship
with a forever family.  
This would include a pet related resource center for the community.

ROLE MODEL organizations currently exist in our neighboring county and nationwide. 
  • SICSA  (Society for the Improvement & Condition of Stray Animals)
  • SCARF  (Shelby County Animal Resource Foundation)
Did you know ? Most OHIO county shelters are frequently over capacity;
numerous puppy mills and back yard breeders in OHIO are contributing factors to the overpopulation.  Over crowded shelters and few adoptions cause a pet's stay to be short lived; county shelters were established for  a short-term housing of pets.......
never long term housing or caretaking.
It takes a community to FIX the problem of overpopulation; SPAYing and NEUTERing will REDUCE and STOP over-population and keeps pets healthy !

Visit the  Resource page for Low Cost spay/neuter options !